Hard Waste Bookings - The collection address. Each eligible property in Knox may have no more than two (2) collections each financial year (1 July to June 30).

Planning and Building Applications - The primary subject site for the application. Multiple properties can be added where required.

Other Permits (i.e. Road Opening) – The address or location of works associated with the permit.

Animal Registrations - The property where the animal will be kept and homed.

Customer Requests and Enquiries - The location of the issue or enquiry. This may be your address or somewhere else. This address assists Council locate and respond to your request.

Stormwater Information Requests - The address the information is required for.

Rates Direct Debit Request - The property address associated with your Rates Assessment.

If you cannot locate a property address, please contact Council on 9298 8000.

Once you have found the desired address, select the () next to it and click the ‘Next’ button.

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Please enter the address of the property related to your application, registration or request. When submitting a customer service request, please search for the address that the issue relates to.

If you are searching for an apartment or unit please select the ‘Advanced Search’ option and use the ‘Unit Number’ and ‘Street Number’ fields to find the correct address.

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